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Avoid Planting Trees Quite Near To Your House

Jul 20


Trees are among the best jewels of any landscape. These trees are stunning elements that can shade your property from the heat of Florida. We recommend that you consider the safety and health of your family members and your property when you are maintaining trees.

Large tree roots can result in structural damage, regardless of the beautiful appearance they are. If they grow too close to your home, trees can cause roof and exterior damage. If the trees you have aren't properly established, these and other problems could occur. The problem can be avoided by adhering to Lawn Worx's tree-planting guidelines.

If trees are poorly planted, they could result in structural damage to your home

If trees aren't cultivated properly they can result in structural damage in a variety. Some of the issues you should be aware are:


  • The most significant threat to your property comes caused by tree roots that are large. Trees are gentle giants, but they require the right amount of space to develop their massive and incredibly strong roots. The roots of trees can extend beneath your soil, regardless of how much space they are given. This is often what can cause damage to structures. Poorly planted trees can cause destruction to driveways, sidewalks and foundations.

  • Poorly planted trees can cause roof damage and obstruction of gutters. If a plant grows too close to your house its branches may overhang the roof. Hanging branches can harm your roof as well as accelerate the process of erosion. When your tree sheds dead leaves and branches can end up in your gutters and affect their drainage function in the event that they are not removed. All you have to do is assistance and assistance from tree removal in Georgetown.

  • The branches of your house can cause damage to its exterior. The branches of trees and twigs could cause cosmetic damage to your exterior home when they grow, and can scratch against the paint. This is why only a tree removal expert Georgetown can help.

  • Dead trees could cause injury to your loved ones. If they fall at the wrong moment, dead trees can be a safety risk for the family members of your loved ones.


How many miles should a tree be placed away from your home?

How far must trees be planted from your home? There are a few general rules to follow when it comes to planting trees in order to keep them away from your home. By following these guidelines, you'll avoid a lot of possible damage. We recommend that trees be planted at a distance of 10 to 20 feet from your home. The distances trees should be placed in relation to your home:


  • Large trees that have a mature height at least 70 feet must be planted at least 20 feet from your house.

  • You should plant medium-sized trees that are less than 70 feet in height and 15 feet from your home.

  • Small trees that are mature length of less than thirty feet must be planted 10 feet away from your home.

Call professionals

For any further questions or assistance For any further assistance or questions, call tree service in georgetown Ky. You'll receive the most effective solution that you've been searching for.


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