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How Much Time Do People Spend Mowing Lawns Daily?

Nov 3


Mowing your lawn has two purposes. It keeps your grass green and your yard clean to enjoy your garden outdoors. Young adults can cut a job of it, and they may find it a way to earn an income. How much time do we spend caring for our lawn every week or year?


We looked at data from the 300 largest metropolitan statistical areas and calculated how much time an average resident spends mowing. We also considered the hours of sunlight exposure, summer and spring temperatures, and yearly mowing frequency.

Top Areas for Most Days Spent Mowing

We found that the top cities with the most mowing time were those in the Western and Southern United States. All had perfect sunlight exposure and temperatures in spring and summer. Their yards were between a quarter and an acre.


We looked at the data from the 300 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the United States to determine which cities had the longest and shortest mowing times. We removed some outliers, such as New York City, N.Y. and Anchorage, Alaska. Then, we calculated the national and city averages by using these variables:

  • Average hours in sunlight per year for each state (to calculate mowing frequency).
  • Average spring-summer temperature by state (to calculate mowing frequency).
  • The average lawn area (calculated using the city's median house size and average yard size.
  • Mower size For lawns less than.5, we used a small push mower with 21-inch deck width. For grounds equal or greater than.5 acres, we used a large push mower with a 28-inch deck.


We used this data to calculate the time it takes for a single acre to be mowed based on the size of the mower deck and the potential miles per hour. Encore Equipment provided the formula.

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Lawn maintenance is essential for maintaining your home's appearance. If you want to improve your lawn's appearance, consider hiring professionals.


To make your life easier, we recommend a trusted lawn care company in your area. They works with you to offer personalized mowing tips and budget lawn care plan. Although it can be tedious, it is a great way to relax outside.